Why don’t they invent thigh-warming leggings?

Struck with a revolutionary thought while running my 7 miles home in the mist and drizzle last night…my substantial, strong running thighs stretch the fabric of my leggings thinner than at my calfs, so they get cold. I often find myself putting on a pair of cycling shorts to keep them warm, or once warm 15mins into my run, tying my jacket around my waist and turning it the wrong way round like a kind of half skirt over my thighs.

It was a horrible run. I didn’t have time to work out a trail route from work to my house, so I just used my road bike route which I know is 7 miles. The first 2 miles is along an unnervingly busy road, the rest on dark back roads. The mist and drizzle was dangerous traffic-wise, but amazing to run in. I felt like I was flying through space in total murky blackness with trillions of stars zooming towards my cyclops headlamp. It passed really quickly, and the great thing about running home is that you have a reason to run, a destination to reach. Highly recommended, but need to find an off-road replacement of course!


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